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Board of Governors (BoG) 2018

  • Paul Humphreys
  • Derek Meier
  • Matt Bellerive
  • Anson Ross
  • Bruce Thomas
  • Kathy Robinson
  • Tyler Pellerin


  • President: Paul Humphreys
  • Vice President: Derek Meier
  • Legal/Accounting: Lynn O'Marra
  • Bookkeeping: Derek Meier
  • Sponsor Relations: BoG
  • Media Relations: Matt Bellerive/Tyler Pellerin
  • Event Planning: Matt Bellerive
  • Secretary: Anson Ross
  • Kits: Daniel Bove
  • Website: Paul Humphreys
  • Membership: Paul Humphreys


QVV's Bylaws help you understand how we, as a club, operate and how you can affect change in the club. It also lists rules that we expect members to follow to ensure that we remain a positive influence on the communities that we aim to help/support. Please read it and if there are any items in the Bylaws that you have questions about, feel free to bring them up to one of the members of the BoG.

QVV Constitution/Bylaws